Suggestions for our Newsletters!

Suggestions for our Newsletters!.

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The Invisible Wheelchair by Janice Tindle

treacl - Tony Harewood:

Janice Tindle’s WordPress site!

Originally posted on janicetindle:

You’ve seen it going passed by you at a snail’s pace,
You’ve snarled your lip at the humped over state,
You didn’t see her face, for around her, an air of despair,
You never ever acknowledge the invisible wheelchair.

The weight of a thousand doctor visits hang from her bones,
In her blood runs the toxins of pharmaceutical drones,
She walks with a gait that brings aches in her neck and spine,
But she smiles to the cashier and answers, “I’m fine.”

She’ll go back to her home and lay down after your incision,
She sighs for she knows she is held in silent derision,
It is of no matter, there’s not much to be done,
But to carry on with the dawn of each rising sun,

You saw her stand by you, but you just stared at your feet,
As she stretched for the product too far from her…

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Governance and the Not-for-profit Publisher

Governance and the Not-for-profit Publisher.

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Bully Zero Australia Foundation

treacl - Tony Harewood:

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Bully Zero Australia Foundation

well worth the look & Please Share!

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Does anyone feel their brain trauma had positive effects on them?

Jacqueline van der Voort (via Quora)

Diagnosed with heavy brain trauma after a horse-riding accident, coma, rehabilitation, the whole lot, i emerged like a phoenix from the flames. The brain trauma resulted in some of best things that ever happened to me, Has anybody else had positive experiences or am i alone?


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CSA and gradual unearthing!

CSA and gradual unearthing!.

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CG Admin update

CG Admin update

CG’s Admin are 3/4 of the way through updating our ‘CG Plan’. We’re each growing in our place in the BI world – helping others be aware of our ‘hidden injuries’! Thanks

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