CG Admin update

CG Admin update

CG’s Admin are 3/4 of the way through updating our ‘CG Plan’. We’re each growing in our place in the BI world – helping others be aware of our ‘hidden injuries’! Thanks


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  1. Evening, I’d LOVE too give YOU my entire Thanks for making ALL aware of our dilemma, Brain Injury is terrible ALL the way around!!!!!!! I’ve even looked @ Re-Walk, because I’ve got 3 nieces & NONE of that trio remember me walking,I’ve not walked since the baby’s been born & she just turned 7 in January. My parents are gonna be in need of my care but @ this time I’m in NO shape, looks as if we’re ALL headed to a facility & I surely HATE that , unless I could get this to work, LORD knows I’m dearly praying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do imagine that I’ll keep on going, the rough way!!!!!!!!!!! Deb

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