Does anyone feel their brain trauma had positive effects on them?

Jacqueline van der Voort (via Quora)

Diagnosed with heavy brain trauma after a horse-riding accident, coma, rehabilitation, the whole lot, i emerged like a phoenix from the flames. The brain trauma resulted in some of best things that ever happened to me, Has anybody else had positive experiences or am i alone?



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3 Responses to Does anyone feel their brain trauma had positive effects on them?

  1. Jeffrey Sebell
    Author, Speaker–

    Well, I always say that my trauma was one of the best things to ever happen to me. It opened me up to a much richer life than the one I was living, while at the same time, it gave me a valuable, unique perspective. While there are sequelae that cause me anger and consternation at times, overall it gave me the opportunity to learn to give my best, and to thrive in the face of adversity.

  2. Louise Mathewson
    Author & Award Winning Poet

    I feel like my TBI was a blessing in many ways! I found an undiscovered poet as I wrote for healing for myself and now have a book that is helping others, which is another blessing as I hear stories of how my book has touched their lives, including those with other brain issues, like stroke, epilepsy, etc. Also, I found a part of myself I was not affirming – that I am highly intuitive, which was magnified because of TBI. It also has enriched my life through the people and amazing doctors I have met in the 11 years since my accident. I can have ups and downs, just like anyone, but have learned to be easier on myself.

  3. Kelly Sanders Cst L.M.T.
    Business Manager, empowerment specialist, non-medicalcaregiver

    I too had my tbi from an equestrian incident; my injury, while not my greatest accomplishment in life, has changed me, my perception and my abilities in different but positive ways.

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