Do You Ever Get Over a Brain Injury?

Life After Traumatic Brain Injury

ct scan of stroke survivorWhen I told someone that I sustained a brain injury (BI) almost 24 years ago, she said, “Well, that was a long time ago. I guess you got over it.” Oh, I thought, I wish that were the case. Fact is, just like being an alcoholic or crack addict, once you become one, you are always one. You may learn behaviors to help you deal with your issues, but you will ALWAYS have a Brain Injury.

Yes, your brain may learn heal to some degree, it might even have to remap itself–learning new and better ways of controlling your limbs and other parts of your body. Survivors will hopefully learn to control their urges and impulses, but that takes a great deal of time and there will always be a tendency to do or say the wrong thing.

Much of what BI survivors have to do is learn what to…

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