10th Anniversary & IDPwD

While there may not have been the desired number of attendees at our recent 10th year Anniversary, we were able to continue & Share some good habits. As Communication & Interaction were again highlighted by some attendees’ comprehension difficulties.

Of good outcomes were the sharing of some of our magazines, posters, leaflets  & brochures from the supporting Local (Brisbane) bodies: Princess Alexandra Hospital (Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit), Multiple Sclerosis Qld & Synapse (previous Brain Injury Association Qld). Coffees & treats were kindly sponsored by Zarraffas Coffee Shop in Toowong Village.


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2 Responses to 10th Anniversary & IDPwD

  1. Reunion & Meeting of Interested persons of Circle Group (Brain Injury). This celebration marks 10 year Anniversary of the Launch on IDPwD 2005 at New Farm Neighbourhood Centre. Previous Guests, CG Members, Family-Friends & Caregivers of BI will be welcome.

    CG reflect the modern movement of Accessibility & Mobility, in combination with a Personally-relevant, Localised-feel. Today’s Event provides a focus on various Disabilities of ABI & MS in The areas of Volunteering support and transportation.

    CG has lasted for 10 yr, spread throughout many Brisbane & online networks. Although today’s Anniversary meeting may have been planned too-last minute, enough has been planned, materials collected & media to share that CG 10yr Anniversary was worth holding.

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