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Initial BI Poll!

To help with our upcoming Anniversary in August, here’s a BI Poll we’d like to get your Answers for! Simply pick from the following, for Survivors, Family-Friends & Caregivers. Advertisements

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19 yr Anniversary – Circle Group, ChildCareInfo, digitalAS, BNEdroneHub, 2 voices & others

From surviving the ‘serious car crash’ in 1998, many forms of Social Media have been taken further since then. While certain ‘Official Dates’ may appear after this 1998 date, a lifelong change-in-direction was experienced. Various Surnames, Address, Administrative, Capacity & … Continue reading

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CG Advertising-Sales-Marketing!

As a further promotion within our BISG Network & beyond, it’s being suggested that we also begin in Advertising-Marketing. FB provide Advert Manager, which is as effective as other Adverts I’ve used. I look forward to your POV on this, … Continue reading

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10th Anniversary & IDPwD

While there may not have been the desired number of attendees at our recentĀ 10th year Anniversary, we were able to continue & Share some good habits. As Communication & Interaction were again highlighted by some attendees’ comprehension difficulties. Of good … Continue reading

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Admin ‘Nodes’ rules

Our Admin ‘Nodes’ do need to operate under their own rules, which each of you can help develop. These can form part of the next Edition of our CG Plan, which you’ll each be credited for.

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How closely does Lead Poisoning relate to Brain Injury?

Following a recent screening of an Australian & United States based TV screening on ABC Catalyst, my attention was taken by the astonishing similarities between comments from lead-effected people & circumstances I have experienced after my Brain Injury. I look … Continue reading

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Nominations : CG’s Admin. Team 2015

now may be the time to call for Nominations for our CG’s Admin. Team 2015 Continue reading

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