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Admin ‘Nodes’ rules

Our Admin ‘Nodes’ do need to operate under their own rules, which each of you can help develop. These can form part of the next Edition of our CG Plan, which you’ll each be credited for. Advertisements

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Nominations : CG’s Admin. Team 2015

now may be the time to call for Nominations for our CG’s Admin. Team 2015 Continue reading

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eNews Editing?

A smaller team of CG Members could work together to form a list of items for our eNews. This can be a way to showcase what topics our WP sites cover!

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CG Admin update

CG’s Admin are 3/4 of the way through updating our ‘CG Plan’. We’re each growing in our place in the BI world – helping others be aware of our ‘hidden injuries’! Thanks

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CG Plan Review Agenda – Drafting & update (v.2)

/ / / topic For purpose of our Review, following are items to be discussed / decided during “REVIEW”. While this Agenda is being drafted, the (growing) Admin Team may suggest, vote & decide on changes. Once the Draft Agenda … Continue reading

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What a year & there‚Äôs still days left!

  After many extremes, it had much impact on Traditional & Modern ideas have been repositioned. The Internet has been adopted amongst most of the world.   Now 2013 has many things to be smoothed-out & resolved.

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Upcoming 6 month CG Admin. Meeting

Amongst the various CG Members, Guests & Viewers – please give your suggestions of Where our smaller (6 Members) Team can have their meeting? Some don’t have presence on FB & others don’t have presence on LI. Suggest your way … Continue reading

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