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How closely does Lead Poisoning relate to Brain Injury?

Following a recent screening of an Australian & United States based TV screening on ABC Catalyst, my attention was taken by the astonishing similarities between comments from lead-effected people & circumstances I have experienced after my Brain Injury. I look … Continue reading

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Brain drain (2 of 2)

Epilepsy Brain injury can make a person prone to epileptic seizures or ‘fits’. Many people who have had a seizure after a Brain Injury are given a drug for a number of years to reduce the chance of it recurring. … Continue reading

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‘Road Safety’ & ‘Bang On A Beanie’ – BBC

In 2012 – Due to Secondary School finishing soon, a 20 minute Presentation is planned for BBC. As Tony Harewood has been involved over recent years with BBC (their past High School, Volunteering & Road Safety), they have arranged with … Continue reading

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